but that’s where the interest comes in

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      گفتگوی متصدی بانک و مشتری درباره حساب پس انداز و سود

      At a bank

      Opening a bank account

      Teller: What sort of account do you want, a checking account or a savings account?

      Man: What difference does it make?

      Teller: A checking account is an account you just write checks on.

      Man: And the savings account?

      Teller: With the savings account, you leave your money longer and you can earn interest.

      Man: Interest? Oh, I’m interested in interest. Oh, What does it

      Teller: Well, let’s see… … this money that you’re depositing comes to almost $100.

      Man: Right.

      Teller: So, if you put this into a savings account and save it for several
      months, we have the use of your money for those months.

      Man: Oh, so you borrow my money for several months.

      Teller: Yes, but that’s where the interest comes in, because we pay you for lending us your money. We pay you interest.



      It means:

      That’s the purpose of the interest.

      You might sometimes see “comes into play”. It has the same meaning.

      A similar saying is: “Enters the equation”. This is a little more literal, since you are dealing with math (interest). In this context, “Enters the equation” can be directly substituted for “Comes in”

      That’s where the interest comes in.

      That’s where the interest comes into play.

      That’s where interest enters the equation.

      The above all have the same meaning.

      Note that “Enters the equation” is not always about math. It can be metaphorical. But in this case it’s literally math.


      کدام ترجمه درست است:

      – ولی اینجاست که سود وارد می شود

      – ولی اینجاست که سود می آید

      – ولی اینجاست که سود مطرح می شود

      – ولی اینجاست که سود از راه می رسد

      – ولی اینجاست که سود به میان می آید

      – ولی اینجاست که سود ورود پیدا می کند

      با تشکر

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      به جز ترجمه دوم می توان گفت که بقیه ترجمه ها درست هستند.

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      خیلی متشکرم

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