So our personal identity, our ID, is complete now

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      گفتگو درباره هویت شخصی و کارت شناسایی و لـــــزوم تهیه آن و به همراه داشتن آن.

      Talking about ID


      Woman: I was born in Northern Ireland.

      Man: Kuwait.

      Woman: Japan.

      Woman: As for me, my family comes from Hong Kong.

      Man: Where is that?

      Woman: Next to China. Mario, you are reporting, you should know that.

      Man: Just Kidding. So, you’re Chinese.

      Woman: Yes, and I’m also Canadian. Mario, what about you? Where were you born?

      Man: I was born in Toronto, but my parents were born in Italy. So, I’m Italian-Canadian.

      Woman: And I’m Chinese-Canadian, and I have the ID to prove it.

      Man: Oh, you mean proof of identity?

      Woman: Yes.

      Man: I was born in Toronto, I have lots of ID too, I have a bankcard, I have a birth certificate, Visa card, a license…

      Woman: We often have to prove our identity to show proof of ID.
      One place where you need to show your ID is at Customs…

      Man: Citizenship card…

      Woman: Another is at the bank, or when you get your driver’s license, or when the police stop you for driving too fast.

      Man: So our personal identity, our ID, is complete now.

      Woman: Name, address, phone number, date of birth, place of birth, nationality.


      توضیح نیتیو:

      ‘Personal identity’ is not a common thing to say. I think he just means that an ID is used to verify who you are as a person.

      So the ID is used to identify the person.

      Identity is who the person is.

      ID (short for identification card) is a way to prove who they are.
      Identify is the verb to find out or verify who the person is.

      آیا ترجمه زیر درست است:

      خوب حالا هویت شخصی ما، کارت شناسایی ما کامل است.


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      البته «خوب» درست نیست باید از «خب» استفاده شود یا معادل های دیگر مثل «بنابراین یا پس».

      بله ترجمه قابل قبولی است.

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      خیلی متشکرم

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